About USS

Let's let the cat out of the bag and tell you about USS.

We're into simple

Why do we only offer student storage? Well, the answer is simple. Just like you, we went to university too and when we did, we didn’t like the limited storage options available to us. Those limited options were 1) having our parents collect everything at the end of term and drop it back in September, or 2) trying to get an overpriced, out of town storage site, where you would always pay for more space than you needed, pay to transport it there and then even have to buy your own lock for the door.

That’s when we came up with our simple solution to this simple problem: charge by the box, for the number of weeks stored.

Since that eureka moment, we have invested time perfecting our systems to ensure they work effectively and efficiently. Now, our simple, transparent storage solution has evolved into Uni Student Storage.

At Uni Student Storage, we offer our customers an easy way to store boxes and suitcases, which means you only have to pay for your storage costs when you request your items back, you can keep an online inventory of what’s been stored (along with photos), and you can even request items back individually, so if you really need a particular item that’s already been stored, we will simply deliver that one box or suitcase back to you and leave the rest in our safe and secure storage facility until you need it.

So why choose Uni Student Storage? It's simple - we offer a low-cost, transparent and flexible way to store your belongings over the summer holiday