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TOP 10 Student Study Tips to help you breeze through your exams!

9th May 2016

At Uni Student Storage we want you to blitz your exams so you can relax and enjoy your summer! Follow these tips to breeze through your study…


1. Short Study Burst!

Study for 30-50 minutes at a time with 10-minute breaks in between to retain information in the most effective way.

2. Get physical.

Exercising 20mins before study or exams has been shown to boost brain power and memory

3. Steer clear of social media:

Use an app like SelfControl app to block yourself from distractions like Facebook, Insta and Twitter for a certain time period.

4. Feeling Forgetful? Tired? Bored with study? 

Use these savvy scents to get your motivation back on track. Research has shown the link between aromas and our emotional centre of the brain connecting these sweet smells to memory. Use the following while studying & again prior to your exams to boost your memory of your study notes!

  •  Cinnamon – sharpens the mind, improves memory and attention span.
  •  Citrus – smell an orange or lemon to boost energy and alertness.
  •  Peppermint – Boosts concentration, increases cognitive stamina,
  •  Pine – alleviates stress and reduces anxiety.

5. Get Chewing:

Use the same flavour of gum in your exam as you did while studying to remember your revision.

6. Choose the right Music.

Play instrumental music in the background to beat the boredom of revision. Try some of our fave’s: Sigur Ros, Gurrumul, Beethoven!

7. Brighten things up.

Colour code your revision notes using different coloured pens or highlighters. motivation and overall performance

8. Talk to yourself . 

No, you’re not going mad, research has found that your 50% more likely to remember something if you speak it out loud instead of simply reading it over and over.

9. Fonts.

Use Times New Roman to read your study notes. It’s been proven that using size 12 TNR is the fastest font to read so type in Times for speed-reading & better comprehension.

10. Practice Papers.

Google ‘site:edu (subject) exam to find practice exams similar to your topic.


Now, stop reading blogs and get on with your revision! ;)