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Top 5 tips for getting to UK festivals for free!

1st March 2016

Everyone knows students are in a constant battle at Uni. The desire to enjoy every moment & to make the most of the 'best years of your life'. If only money grew on trees and it didn't take so long to be ready for the summer term exams!

To help you have something to look forward to this summer, we thought we'd put a list together of the best options for getting to see some of the UK’s best festivals for free this year, saving you time planning as well as keeping money in your wallet. Take a look and share any other tips you have for USS!

1. Register for a ticket to the BBC’s Big Weekend;
A FREE two day event, its being held in Exeter this year, with acts such as Coldplay and Ellie Goulding set to headline. Registration opens on March 21st.

2. Look for free gigs in your area; Is a national event taking place in July with gigs all over the UK. Check out their site for details.

3. Volunteer with Oxfam;
We all know how big a mess a festival can make, so why not offer some of your time up as a volunteer. Most of the events will only have you working a few hours a day and you’ll get a free ticket! Oxfam have been the UK’s main supplier of stewards in the UK for the past 20 years, so make sure you register with them early.

4. Work at one of the bars or food stalls;
It takes a lot of people to serve all that food and drink at a festival. Why not work for your ticket? Shift are usually 8hrs and you’ll have the rest of the day to soak up the festival atmosphere.

5. Think small and local;
When we think of festivals, Glasto, Reading & Leeds always come to mind, but there are over 300 festivals of different shapes and sizes happening this year. So go local and get involved with the warm up festivals, you never know what contacts you'll make. You might just get an invite into the bigger shows too.