Packing Tips

Need some helpful packing tips? We'll unbox them here.

1. Sort

This is the time to get all your things together that you won't be needing over the summer holiday. Make piles of books, winter clothing and all those items that make your living space feel like home but don't need to travel with you. 

2. Photos

Take some pics, you'll want to use these a little later on.

3. Protect

Now is the perfect time to wrap up those delicate items. We don't agree with creating waste, that's why there is no bubble wrap in your pack. An item of clothing or a towel will work just as well.

4. Pack

We recommend packing items that may go together, should you need some items back at a different time to the rest. Remember, we can hold onto your items for as long as you want, so if you don't want to have your winter clothes until November, then pack them together and leave it with us. Distribute the weight evenly to help protect your things, and to also help out our team while moving your boxes and cases. Make sure you fill in the gaps to stop items moving about while in transit.

5. Inventory

Those pictures you took earlier can now be uploaded and added into your online inventory. List the main items in order to reference what is in each box or suitcase stored with USS.

6. Seal your box

Make sure everything is packed and secured using the tape provided. Your boxes should be square as they need to be stacked.

7. Label

Print off your reference number and place them in the label envelopes or luggage tags provided. Attach these to the corresponding box or case.

8. Relax

Simply request your collection and you will receive an email confirmation of your collection date. On your collection day, ensure your boxes are in the recepton or mail room ready for our couriers to collect.

Leave it to USS

We're pretty good at this - we've been doing it for a while! We currently have 30,000 sq feet of capacity and we store the essentials of 2400 students and we're growing all the time.

So what's our secret. We'll that's easy. We are simply straightforward and upfront about everything. We take the time to ensure that you don't have to.