Our Pricing

So how much will storing with USS cost?

£1 per week
H 51cm W 41cm L 31cm Max weight 20kg


£1 per week
+ delivery charge

We don’t know the exact contents of every box. Our customers store anything from text books, winter clothing or anything else they don’t mind being without for a few months. There are a few items we don’t want (see our T&C’s for details).

What we do know, is that we have sourced (locally I might add) the strongest, most hard wearing boxes we could find to keep all your belongings safe and secure while we look after them for you. Having a local supplier means we can keep track of box quality and lower our impact on the environment. This makes USS happy!

Make sure you follow the simple guidelines when building your free boxes from flat pack and label everything as we ask; this helps us track your boxes throughout their time with USS.

£2.50 per week
H 89cm W 76cm L 41cm Max weight 20kg


£2.50 per week
+ delivery charge

Suitcases come in all shapes, sizes and designs; we don't judge here. We will store any of them that fit within our size guidelines above. We work the same way the airlines do, so if you can get your case or bag checked in as standard luggage when you fly, it's more than likely our drivers will be happy to collect it from you. If you have a small bag, try putting it in one of our boxes, they're pretty big and it could save you a little money.

Remember to attach your label to your case or bag using the zip ties provided and spread the weight throughout the items you are storing, it helps protect your things and makes our life that bit easier. 

Delivery Costs

Min £30 for up to 2 items
+ £12 for each item after that

So, we’re keeping this part simple too. We take payment for all your collections and deliveries when you order. It’s £30 for your first 2 items, then £12 per item after that (storage not included).

Ordered too many items for storage? When it comes to booking your collection, simply tell us which items don’t need to be stored and we’ll credit your storage account with £6 per item. There’s no need to send us any unused boxes back, they're yours.