Why should you store your stuff with Uni Student Storage? Quite simply, because we're the best.

No Stress

We understand the next few months are going to be a stressful time for you. Planning where to go on holiday, finding that summer job that gives you free time to catch up with friends; oh, and there might be some exams coming up too. Let us take some pressure off! We will make sure your belongings are kept safe over the summer.

It's so simple; just book your storage online and one of our team will collect your things from your front door and deliver them to one of our warehouses. When you're ready, we'll delivery it all back to you too. So, get one thing ticked off the list and order some summer storage now. 


We know what you want in a storage company. We know because we asked you and you told us: no minimum terms, no contracts and no hidden charges for changes of address.

At USS, we offer the most flexible storage solution around. Not everyone's summer is a fixed three months, nor does everyone want all their items delivered back at the same time. So, just let us know when you need any part of your order back and we’ll have your items delivered back to you within 48hrs (weekdays only).

Low Storage Costs

So, with all that flexibility, you'd think we have to charge more for storage.... Nope!

We have kept our storage costs super-low, so we can give you the best value for money. With boxes only £1 per week and a suitcase only £2.50, it makes sense to store with USS. All charges per item will stop the day you request that item to be delivered back.

No hidden costs

Our pricing is simple;

  • You pay for all deliveries and collections
  • We store your things for a weekly charge
  • You only pay for the storage you use

It's so easy, there isn't anywhere for us to hide anything! Use our online quote system to calculate your storage costs, we know you're going to like the result.